Sorry Again for the Delay!

In what always seems to be a familiar refrain around here, we had to put a stop again to work, but this time it has nothing to do with injury or getting hacked or whatnot.  In truth?  It’s because I forgot to script the upcoming pages. ^_^;;;  I got so tied up on Razorblade Angel that I forgot to convert the prose for the rest of chapter 8 and 9, so this is entirely my fault, not Ayne’s.  We’ll be working over this week to get stuff done and just to make sure it does, I’ll even go so far as to throw up some bonus stuff this week – I’ll find something!

Again, apologies!


Meltdown at Megami

For starters, apologies that we haven’t been updating much in the past two weeks: it’s been a mess here.  Let me give you a quick update:

– For one, like any webcomic artists, we have day jobs.  and on October 1, Rob’s went baibai when the Federal Furlough started.  Since then, he’s gone into somewhat of a survivalist mode, trying to sort out those issues while I continue my part.

– We then had both his computer and our backup computer fry their motherboards in order.  While we’re sure no data was lost, due to the shutdown (and saving money), getting replacement gear is on the backburner.

What does that mean for the comic?  We’ll we’re still here – we’re not quitting, so don’t worry abut that.  And we’re trying to get back up to speed.  We’ll have a page out on Tuesday and hopefully will be back to the regular schedule as much as we can during these circumstances.

Thanks for understanding!  You guys are great!

– Ayne


No New Page Today

And that’s entirely my fault.  I got so busy with the launch of Razorblade Angel‘s kickstarter today that I didn’t have the chance to letter or effect the page.  That’s entirely my fault and so I apologize.  We’ll have the page out on Monday and hopefully we’ll have two pages then.