Want a Free Wallpaper?

Heya all, I’ve finally finished the first Monet wallpaper, but rather than do one of those donate thingies, I feel that you loyal readers deserve it for free.  So I’m going to do that for ya now, if you’ll be so kind as to…

Pay with a Tweet.

Yup, for the simple price of going on Twitter or Facebook and letting your fellow webcomic readers know about us, you get the awesome new Monet wallpaper.  Can’t beat that!

– Rob

Site Redesign Soon…ish

As we start heading into the deeper parts of the fun, it makes me think that it’s high time for a site redesign.  and that’s where things will get fun (in the ironic sense.)

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m really not a fan of WordPress.  Obviously it does its job (else we wouldn’t be using it), but I’m not very comfortable with it in terms of the glaring holes in the CMS.  I typically prefer more robust systems like Joomla (my personal favorite) or Drupal.  That’s not to say that WordPress is bad; only that it’s great for the original blogging need it was created for, not so much for being a heavily modified content management system.  But on these issues, I digress.

In any case, I’ll be planning a redesign of the C&M site soon.  If anyone has any suggestions, I’ll be glad to hear them.  I’m much more comfortable with Joomla than WP, so design suggestions are welcome.

– Rob