Oh, What a Week….

Did you ever have one of those weeks where you wanted to just throw in the towel?

First Ayne gets behind schedule because we had to take our beloved pup to the vet.  Then Comcast decides that the internet in the area shall go down this week – for the whole friggin’ week.  Then we agreed we were going to do a double post on Friday…only to find out we forgot to storyboard the whole chapter.

And that’s all on top of my own problems that I’ve been having getting the planning for Razorblade Angel going.

Can next week be better?  Please?

– Rob

Injured Once Again

Sorry about the missed deadlines last Friday and today, but the incision from my recent surgery tore open again and Ayne has been so busy making sure I stay in bed and recover that she’s had no time to work on pages.  The next page is almost done (I’ve seen it), but the surgery has taken a lot out of both of us and we really hate to let you guys down.

We’ll be posting this Friday for sure and definitely should be back on schedule…even if it kills me (hopefully not really.)

– Rob